Today, in a modern office, beauty salon, private medical institution, shop, a vase filled with small candies or chocolates is a good form.
When carrying out a long cosmetic procedure, the master will offer the client a cup of coffee or tea, and chocolate and sugar in a stick will be attached to it.
And how it will be practical and rational if you decorate these pleasant little things with the advertising of the company you use.


Advertising on sweets.
Advertising on sweets or gifts is soft, unobtrusive, long-lived. An unusual sweet present for your beloved client will be a set of miniature chocolates made from milk or dark chocolate, depending on your taste preferences. And the applied illustration of an advertising nature on the cover of each chocolate will remind you of the donor. The image on the cover of the confectionery is applied by offset method or digital printing. But the box is decorated with silk-screen printing, which makes it sophisticated. Sweet gifts are packaged in various shapes and the company logo is applied to them.


These are transparent jars, tin boxes, tubes, bags. In addition to chocolate, you can use as a sweetness: • chewing gum. In the restaurant business, this is simply an irreplaceable accessory. Emphasize the institution's concern for the client, as it keeps the breath fresh when talking; • ascorbic acid in the flow pack cover. Universal filler for vases for sweets in fitness centers, health centers, children's medical institutions; • caramels in sock style packaging. Indispensable when negotiating with business partners, at exhibitions, traveling festivals. • monpensier or peanuts in a colored sweet shell. A tin box with printed advertising becomes a stylish gift for a buyer who has purchased a certain type of product.


Gift teas.
A logical addition to a sweet gift or a separate memorable gift will be souvenir tea in a beautiful designer packaging. During long negotiations, a short pause for tea is needed to relieve tension. Tea with a branded logo will enhance the company's reputation. Moreover, the logo is also placed on the labels of tea bags. And tea utensils, made in the company's colors, will become a real decoration for a five-o-clock table.


Portion sugar with a logo.
Such sugar is a sachet or tube weighing five grams. Its composition and taste do not differ from ordinary granulated sugar.

Most often this product is used by:

• travel agencies

• hotels

• catering establishments;

• clubs;

• railways and airlines.


The advantages of sugar sticks:

• efficiency;

• customer care;

• practicality;

• moisture resistance;

• hygiene.


Nowadays there is a new kind of collecting - collecting advertising sugar.