To “break through” to your customers, you need more than a good product and excellent service. Your target audience does not yet know that you exist and that your brand is offering something special. This is what marketing works for. Today, the lion's share of activities related to this area are conducted on the Internet. Wondering what is marketing in this form?


Email Marketing: Definition
Let's start with a complete framework and therefore an explanation of what marketing is in general.
Marketing is any action in a company that supports the sale of services and products, carried out using the developed methods and methods of influencing a potential buyer. Marketing is customer and market oriented, and should also increase brand awareness. Knowing the general concept of marketing, you can answer the question: What is internet marketing (email marketing). This is one of the varieties of classic marketing.
What is Internet Marketing?


Internet marketing is actions and strategies to support the sale of services and products and create a positive company image over the Internet. Email marketing is a very fast growing form of marketing, due to the growth in sales and the presence of businesses on the Internet. Additional factors that contribute to the high dynamics of email marketing are:

continuous development of technologies, changes in the algorithms of search engines, the incessant emergence of new products, innovative platforms to which advertising activities need to correspond. Thus, conducting marketing efforts is a huge but also very interesting task that requires a lot of knowledge of social behavior on the Internet.


What is Internet Marketing?
The most effective email marketing activities are:
generating traffic to your website (SEO optimization, links, content marketing, Google Adwords paid advertising), using the blogosphere, creating social media, creating affiliate programs. These are the aspects that we'll focus on in this post.


Website positioning
Page positioning is actions aimed at increasing its ranking in search results for specific phrases. The site should get into the TOP-10 of the search engine results, since most of the web users limit their searches to it. Increased website traffic leads to increased sales, brand awareness and trust. Positioning is often used interchangeably with SEO (Serach Engine Optimization). The concept of positioning, however, is much broader as it is both SEO and sem, Linking or Content marketing.


SEO, link, content marketing
Website optimization (SEO) is about adapting it to the preferences of the search engine algorithm From the technical side and content. The site, first of all, must work efficiently and quickly. Site navigation should not present any difficulties for the user (and the Google robot).
The content contained on the site should be interesting, meaningful, understandable, understandable and contain keywords and phrases (fixed after the target user is identified). However, the text should not be overloaded with words and key phrases. It should contain topics, headings with keywords, paragraphs. If the page is designed from scratch, its URL must also contain keywords. The texts that appear on the site must be unique. Content uniqueness is a fundamental principle in SEO.


Website optimization effects should wait from one to several months, but they are long-term and effective. However, keep in mind that it is difficult to predict exactly what position is likely to be after months of optimization. However, the right SEO efforts will bring results for sure. Read more about working on SEO and what it is specifically here.


A link is to obtain a link from other sites. It is best to get links from sites that contain valuable content and have high search engine rankings. Links can be obtained from industry sites, event pages (such as trade shows) in which the company has participated, in local media, or by posting videos on YouTube.


Content marketing, or content marketing, helps in creating an expert company image. It includes corporate blogging with specialized texts, organizing webcasts, mailing newsletters to a dedicated audience, e-books. These are also sponsored articles. Events are designed to differentiate the company from the competition, to build customer trust, loyalty and build a good relationship with the customer.


Google Adwords Advertising (SEM)
What is Internet Marketing Using Google Adwords? This allows you to bring your site to the first positions in search results using the Google Adwords advertising system. Paid Search Results appear next to organic results (these are the results that naturally appear