The supply market is already congested, so consumers often prefer local businesses. Huge chain companies are shutting down local consumers, so take advantage of your value by promoting superior customer service. Believe it or not, 61% of consumers will happily pay higher prices to small businesses for the same goods and services. They value high quality, personalized service and support for their local business.


Knowing this, you don't have to worry about cutting prices to stay competitive with the big companies. Instead, your marketing campaign should focus on building trust with your potential customers using a few simple strategies.


1. Local Advertising As a local business, you should focus on targeting your audience. Knowing your customers and knowing where they are spending their free time is key. Find out what sources your customers are using to get news. Here are some ideas to start your analysis: • Local newspapers and trade magazines. Advertising space in local newspapers is a great way to make yourself known and promote your business. You can also try to convince the local media to publish a story about you. • Radio. Don't forget to run ads on the stations your target audience is most likely to listen to. • Billboards. Busy suburban roads and major commercial districts are ideal for billboard advertising. • Local lists of companies. Make sure you are on all major company listings in your city for similar businesses. You don't want to be unnoticed when someone is looking for a company like yours.


2. Social Media No matter what type of business you have, social media like Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy. These free, open source platforms not only allow you to advertise, but also provide your company with a unique opportunity to connect with your customers. Once you have a well-designed set of social media accounts, don't forget to advertise it somewhere, like on receipts. Many companies add incentives to support them on social media, such as issuing coupons. Once you have social media followers, you can use your posts to advertise, announce events, and communicate with your customers about what they love and what they would like to see.


3. Email Marketing As a local business, you can collect contact information from your customers in several ways. But how can you best use it to your advantage? Once you have someone's email and permission to subscribe, the email will begin. Email marketing campaigns are based on promotional and informational emails you send to customers, as well as thank-you and birthday greetings letters. Like social media, email marketing tries to engage a customer with its quality content in order to build relationships of trust and loyalty. According to research, customers who receive emails spend 138% more than other customers. With numbers like this, you can't afford not to invest in email marketing. Companies use specialized software to automate the process of sending thousands of emails a month. It makes it easy to create beautifully designed emails that you can integrate with social media, your own landing page, and more. There are many form design templates out there so you can keep collecting followers and information about your customers.


4. Online Accessibility Being on social media and running an email marketing campaign is great when you already have a customer base, but to build one you need to be always available on multiple online platforms. What does it mean? • Join Google+. Do your research to identify the industry search terms that exist for your business and get your name out there! This method is similar to paper company catalogs. • Consider CPC (cost per click) ads. You pay every time someone clicks on your link. Therefore, you pay only for what you get in return - one click per visitor to your site! • Make sure your site is optimized for search engines. Be Creative Remember that people will love to support your local business because it reflects their needs and provides quality personal service. Make your marketing fun and creative, use your flair to define what your customers want.

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